A True Story

Thursday 05-26-11 7 PM
Eleven Rivington, 11 Rivington St, NYC
A True Story

Ad Hoc Vox and Eleven Riv­ing­ton are pleased to invite you to A True Story, an evening of sto­ries about some­thing true.

Vir­ginia Woolf begins A Room of One’s Own by describ­ing the duty of the lec­turer, “to hand you after an hour’s dis­course a nugget of pure truth to wrap up between the pages of your note­books and keep on the man­tel­piece for­ever.” Ad Hoc Vox has received sev­eral such nuggets over the years and we have got­ten them by ask­ing our speak­ers to tell us about time, or art edu­ca­tion, or sci­ence fic­tion, or, even, Vir­gina Woolf. Lately, how­ever, we find our­selves in the mood to be direct and so have begun by ask­ing our speak­ers to tell us some­thing true. But like Ms. Woolf, we under­stand that fic­tion is as likely to con­tain truth as fact and so have not been so crass as to demand that our true sto­ries be true.

In a depar­ture from our typ­i­cal panel for­mat, A True Story will be com­prised of a series of dis­crete read­ings and per­for­mances. Our par­tic­i­pants are May Bar­tram, Wayne Koesten­baum, John Kelly, Robert Rhee, Sam Rhee, Samuel Roeck, and Brook Wilensky-Lanford.


Featuring May Bartram, Wayne Koestenbaum, John Kelly, Robert Rhee, Sam Rhee, Samuel Roeck, and Brook Wilensky-Lanford.

MAY BARTRAM is best known for her appearance in the Henry James short story, The Beast in the Jungle.

WAYNE KOESTENBAUM has published five books of poetry: Best-Selling Jewish Porn Films, Model Homes, The Milk of Inquiry, Rhapsodies of a Repeat Offender, and Ode to Anna Moffo and Other Poems. He has also published a novel, Moira Orfei in Aigues-Mortes, and five books of nonfiction: Andy Warhol, Cleavage, Jackie Under My Skin, The Queen's Throat (a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist), and Double Talk. His most recent book, Hotel Theory, is a hybrid of fiction and nonfiction. His two forthcoming books are Humiliation (to be published by Picador in August 2011) and The Anatomy of Harpo Marx (to be published by the University of California Press in February 2012). Koestenbaum is a Distinguished Professor of English at the CUNY Graduate Center and also a Visiting Professor in the painting department of the Yale School of Art.

JOHN KELLY is a performance and visual artist. He is also - depending on the climate, the opportunity, or his mood - a choreographer, actor, singer, dancer, director, writer, and video artist. He was recently a Rome Prize Fellow in Visual Art at the American Academy in Rome. He more recently starred in the film The Clerk's Tale, directed by James Franco.

ROBERT RHEE was born on a Friday. His parents are both Korean immigrants whose American names start with S. He was a Born Again Christian between the ages of twelve and sixteen. During that period he believed that his best friend Scott Rabinowitz deserved to go to hell for not accepting Jesus into his soul and with a group of friends once stabbed his palm with a nail.

SAM RHEE is a practicing psychologist and actor. He works at the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens and has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for over ten years. He has appeared in multiple motion pictures including Flawless and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. He is also a member of AFTRA and has appeared on Law and Order, Days of Our Lives, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

SAMUEL ROECK received his B.F.A from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 2007. His work has been shown in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Baltimore. As a comedian he has performed in New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

BROOK WILENSKY-LANFORD Wilensky-Lanford's first book, Paradise Lust: Searching for the Garden of Eden, is forthcoming from Grove Press in August. She received her M.F.A. in Nonfiction from Columbia, her B.A. in Religious Studies from Wesleyan, and blogs about the fine line between the two at: thisweekineden.com.